Community 21
Glebe Hall, Glebe Ave., Braintree  CM7 5RB
Wednesday evenings  7-9pm  £4.50
Beginner - Intermediate levels.
( 7-8pm for Beginners £3 )
Contact Marion French: 01376 509038


(Click on dance for YouTube video)

I'm On My Way     by Maggie Gallagher
Reunited     by Niels Poulsen
Homecoming Queen     by Karl-Harry Winson
Brand New Man     by Tina Argyle
Nickajak      by Rob Fowler
Train Wreck     by Niels Poulson
Take It
     by Tina Argyle
What A Song Can Do     by Heather Barton & Andrew Hayes
The Joker And The Queen     by Alison Briggs &Peter Metelnick